It was like an epiphany. Revisiting India in end 2014 truly awakened my senses; the culture, the people, and the vivid colours. I fell in love all over again and realized this was my destiny. The vibrancy of India and the perfect craftsmanship in all that the people of India undertake inspired me and led me to start my company.

I want to share my love of India through signature pieces that can bring a little essence of this magnificent country to you. All our products are hand made by craftsmen from small workshops located all over India, designed by independent local designers from every corner of this broad country. With the team we have travelled to many cities and visited numerous shops and workshops to find the best materials and craftsmen for our products, many of the products are custom made for Angela Jey.

Despite sweat and tears, I have met amazing people in the journey, welcomed me with their unconditional warm open arms. Thanks to all my loving Indian friends who helped me through the hard times in this massive country, who have sent their love and showed me light when I was lost in the way.

This is only the beginning of the journey, there is so much to offer from India and beauty hidden in every corner in this magical country, I hope that you enjoy the experience through our products and will begin to love India as much as I do.


Angela Jey