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Owing a precious item like Cashmere Shawl is just a beginning of a story. Maintenance and care are the secrets that keep the shine and glamour of this possession years after years. We all know that Cashmere is considered a family heirloom but you need to know how to properly wash dye and iron it.

As this material is so expensive; you just cannot handover it to professional cleaners as they often use harsh chemicals to clean them. Cashmere is a natural fabric that cannot bear any chemical cleansing materials and ends up in discoloring and distortion of the texture.

There are many people who love to own Cashmere but are scared to have to think about the maintenance and care process. However, if you also have the same concept; then relax! You can wash, dye, and iron the Cashmere at your home without any fancy equipment or cleaning agent. Yes, you have heard it right! You just need to follow some specific instructions and voila. Your Cashmere will stay happy with all its shine and allure for years. Not only you but also your coming generations can flaunt this treasure trove.

So, without wasting time; let us disclose to you how to wash, dye, and iron your Cashmere at home with some secret tips.

How To Wash Cashmere At Home:

As per the professionals, you should dry wash the Cashmere scarf and shawl. However, many people don’t love this process as there are times when they don’t use standardized and sensitive cleaning agents which are good for it and end up ruining the scarf. So, if you are not sure about the quality of the cleaning agent; you can wash it at home.

You can wash the Cashmere you need cold water and mild detergent. Handwashing is the best way to clean this material. Traditionally, in Kashmir; the artisans use only cold water to wash the shawls. After completion of the embroidery, they need to wash them in cold water in order to remove the impressions of the designs. Warm water can cause discoloring as cashmere is a natural material.

Let’s take a look at the procedure to wash Cashmere at home:

  • Take a bucket and add adequate cold water to it
  • Now add a small amount of mild detergent or shampoo in the bucket and mix well with water.
  • Add the Cashmere scarf or shawl and submerge it in the water for 30 minutes
  • Now wash the detergent with running cold water thoroughly
  • Never wring the fabric as it may damage the texture. Instead, you have to press the water out of the item. You can also take a towel and roll the Cashmere on it and then gently press to remove excess water from it.
  • Dry the shawl/scarf in the shade. Do not hang it from the wire. The best way to dry Cashmere is to spread it on a dry bedsheet and air dry it. Never keep Cashmere on the direct sun because the heat can cause discoloring.

Special Tips: Try to use organic detergent to wash the cashmere. As it is a natural material; with every wash, it becomes softer. Good care will add life to this exclusive piece of accessory. Only proper care can keep the natural wool of Chyangra goat, ‘like-new’ condition for years. No matter how much you use it; it will retain the color, shape, and texture. It is a special piece of advice that you should wash it at home after a season’s use.

Can we machine wash Cashmere?

Machine wash is not recommended for cashmere accessories. The high-speed spin can damage the soft texture of the fabric. Gentle hand wash is highly recommended for this item.

Dying Cashmere Shawls At Home:

After years of use if you want a new color for your cashmere shawl or scarf; then you don’t need to buy a new one as you can dye your shawl, and that too in your home!

You need to use organic colors only to dye Cashmere and should not use any sort of chemical coloring agent for it. It is better to use a solid color to dye it. Make sure the pigment is eco-friendly, color-fast, and non-carcinogenic so that your Cashmere will stay soft and shiny for long.

However, the result may be different from the first dye. The reason is the water in Kashmir. The artisans use the soft water of the valley to dye the Cashmere and the outcome cannot match with other areas. Due to the softness of the water, the scarf and shawls are dyed primarily in Kashmir from the initial time.

How To Iron Cashmere:

You can easily iron Cashmere at home; you need to just follow a few instructions so that the fabric would not be damaged. Steam ironing is recommended for Cashmere. It gives the best result. In case, you don’t have steam iron at home; then also you can do the procedure. For any other type of iron; it is advisable to iron it with a thin layer of cotton cloth on the cashmere Cashmere. Never heat the iron to the maximum as it may damage the fabric. Use low heat while ironing the shawl or scarf at home.

How Do We Unshrink Cashmere Shawl?

Many times after many usages or due to mistakes in storage; the cashmere shawls get shrunk. As it is made of natural wool; the change of temperature or moisture can reduce or change the texture.

Thankfully, you can unshrink cashmere at home. You just need to wash the shawl in cold or lukewarm water. After washing, you keep it on a flat surface to dry. Now you have to pull the fabric symmetrically. After it will dry naturally, the shawl will go back to its natural form.

Storage Tips For cashmere :

When not in use, you have to store your precious possession after washing so that you can use them like new. While storing woven Cashmere, you have to keep in mind that you should not hang it. it will ruin the shape of the shawl.

You need to fold it properly and store it in an air-tight bag or a cotton bag. The best way to store the Cashmere is to cover it with muslin or tissue cloth that soaks the humidity from the atmosphere. Then keep it in an airtight ziplock bag. Keep the bag in a dark space. Make sure there is no moisture as it can increase the scope of the moth.


So, you have already known that caring for cashmere at home is no big fuss. You can easily wash, iron even dye them without much expense and professional techniques. This is the time to get a nice Cashmere shawl for yourself; if you still don’t have one. Angela Jey has an excellent collection of Cashmere scarfs and shawls.

Every product is hand-made by the artisans of Kashmir. Our team precisely curates all the unique items so that you can enjoy luxury and lavishness without any quality compromise.

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