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Whatever be the month or season, the Pashmina scarf is your perfect companion – that silent partner who always stands by you and is handy when you need to move out of the home. It is an accessory that is an essential part of your wardrobe because it just blends perfectly with every kind of attire – traditional or western, professional or casual.

Origin of Pashmina Wool

Pashmina wool that is obtained from the Cashmere goat is famous for its softness, stylish look and its natural warmth. The goats undergo a natural process of shedding their winter coats at the beginning of summers every year. This undercoat is combed away from the goat, and then after removal of impurities, thin fibers are hand woven by weavers. These weavers spend hours and hours into dying, spinning, weaving and putting the finishing touches to the products – all done manually. Pashmina shawls, scarves, and stoles are very popular in the domestic and international markets. It takes about three goats to make one Pashmina shawl and about a week to complete a single product. Learn More about how pashmina is made?

Pashmina weaving
Hand Weaving of Pashmina in Kashmir, India

An all-season fashion accessory

The Pashmina scarf is one accessory that just cannot be given a miss from being included in your well-maintained wardrobe. The best part about owning a Pashmina scarf or having a collection of such scarves is that they go well with all seasons of the year – whether it is the blazing heat of summers of the icy coldness of the winters.

pashmina scarves in multi color
Summer Pashmina Collection

Beat the Chill

Pashmina scarves are naturally very warm and hence quite apt for the chilliness of the winters. They are also quite suitable for use during the pleasantness of the spring and the autumn season. The warmth is akin to as if you are enveloped in a comforting hug of a dear one. The intimacy and the tenderness are enough to warm up your blood when the mercury dips below the average temperatures. But summers? One would think that this material is just not right for wearing out in the blazing sun. But that’s far from true. Some combinations can be bought for the hot months –

  • The one-ply Pashmina scarf is just right for summers. Ply indicates the layers of threads used for weaving the scarf. One-ply means a single layer of the thread – this makes the scarf almost weightless and ultra-soft to touch. The thin layer allows the fabric to breathe and permits easy movement of air in and out and hence does not cause you to feel hot even in the summers.
  • Lighter shades of Pashmina scarf just like the colour of the dove – white or others work perfectly during the hot season. They radiate back the heat into the air hence does not allow the person wearing the scarves to feel warm, humid or uncomfortable.
green pashmina scarf
100% Pure Pashmina Scarf – Green

Cashmere Scarves- Timeless Appeal

Scarves are very fashionable on their own. And they can be used by men as well as women. When tied professionally and elegantly, they look really nice and make you appear highly presentable. The aesthetics of the Pashmina scarves add more to charm to the wearer’s appearance. Even if you do not know how to tie the scarf like an expert, it still looks good if you just drop it casually on your shoulders or just wrap it around. Kept a bit loose during the hot months and made to hug really tight during the chill, it looks really smart and stylish.

Yellow Pashmina Scarf
Sleeping Lotus Yellow Pashmina Scarf

Available in different hues and colours, filled with natural tenderness of the Cashmere goat’s coat and the passion and the dedication of the weaver, the Pashmina scarves are your ideal partners, always making you look your best self.

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