Cashmere shawls are the second name for luxury and comfort. However, the joy of owning this luxurious fabric can turn into distress when it accidentally shrinks in the wash. It can feel like a real bummer, but don’t worry! By following some simple steps, you might be able to bring it back to its original size and softness. In this guide, we will walk through some simple and easy steps for you to wonder how to unshrink cashmere so that you can snuggle up in comfort once more.

What is Cashmere?

Cashmere is a luxurious and soft natural wool that is obtained from the undercoat of cashmere goats. These goats are mainly found in the Himalayan regions of Mongolia, Nepal, India, and China. This wool grows on different parts of their body and provides them warmth during extreme cold conditions. During summers, these goats naturally started shedding the wool which is later collected by the herders so that they can convert it into shawls, scarves, and other materials.

Converting cashmere wool into fine fabric is a quite challenging task and it takes months to complete the whole process. The collected wool from the goats is first cleaned and then sent for the spinning process. These threads are finer than the human hairs and are extremely soft. Later then these threads are weaved into the fabrics.

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Does Cashmere Shrink?

Cashmere shawls

We often receive this query: Does cashmere shrink and how to unshrink cashmere? Well, unfortunately, cashmere fabric does shrink but by following the proper care it is possible to reverse the shrinkage.

Cashmere fabric is very expensive and we understand the concern of the buyers. Finding a pure cashmere fabric is not that easy, so it becomes very important for its buyers to pay attention to its care. To minimize the risk of shrinkage and preserve the quality of your cashmere garments, it’s essential to follow specific care instructions. In general, hand washing in lukewarm water with a mild detergent is preferable to machine washing, as it reduces agitation and minimizes the risk of fiber damage.

Hot water is one of the major factors in the shrinkage of the cashmere fabric. So it is always recommended to use cold water during hand washing. If there are any stains on the fabric, then you can use lukewarm water and soak the cashmere fabric for a maximum of 15 minutes.

Some buyers are also concerned with the dry-cleaning process of cashmere fabric. They often ask us if Dry cleaning is safe for cashmere fabric. Yes, dry cleaning is the second best way to clean the cashmere fabric after hand washing. You can find the labels on the fabric which say “Dry cleaning only”.

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How to unshrink cashmere fabric?

People often ask us if we can fix shrunken cashmere. Yes, you can unshrink cashmere fabric by gently hand washing it, laying the garment flat on a clean towel and stretching it back to its original shape.

However there are people out there who like shrinkage in the cashmere fabric, but most people don’t. During washing or drying, these fibers can contract and lead to potential shrinkage. But don’t worry, today we are here with some potential solutions for How to unshrink cashmere fabric. Here’s how you can do this:

Method 1:  Gentle Stretching Method

  • Firstly, fill a basin or sink with lukewarm water and add a few tablespoons of hair conditioner or baby shampoo to it.
  • Soak the shrunken cashmere garment in the solution for about 15-20 minutes to relax the fibers.
  • Now you should gently remove the garment from the water and carefully squeeze out excess water without wringing.
  •  Lay the garment flat on a clean towel and gently stretch it back to its original shape. (While you are doing this, be careful as it can lead to holes in the fabric). You should focus on the areas where shrinkage occurred.
  • Let the garment air dry naturally, it can take a couple of days so be patient.

Method 2: Steam Method

This method is also very effective but it requires proper handling and a lot of patience. Here are the steps that you need to follow:

  • Hang the shrunken cashmere garment in a steamy bathroom or you can also use a handheld garment steamer to create steam.
  • Now hold the steamer several inches away from the fabric and gently steam the garment. Here you need to focus on the shrunken areas.
  • As the fibers absorb moisture and heat, they may relax and expand.
  • After steaming, gently stretch the garment back to its original shape and lay it flat to dry. (Let it dry naturally).

Method 3: Conditioner and Vinegar Soak:

  • You need to fill a basin or sink with lukewarm water and add a few tablespoons of hair conditioner or baby shampoo along with a tablespoon of white vinegar.
  • Soak the shrunken cashmere garment in the solution for 20-35 minutes to soften the fibers and help relax them.
  • Gently remove the garment from the water and carefully squeeze out excess water. Be gentle with the fabric.
  • Lay the garment flat on a clean towel and gently stretch it back.
  • Allow the garment to air dry naturally, reshaping it as necessary.

It’s important to note that these methods may not always be successful, especially for severe shrinkage or damage to the fibers. Additionally, always check the care label and test any solution on a small area of the garment before you process it so that it will not lead to any kind of damage.

Enjoy the Warmth of Cashmere:

These methods are the ideal solution for your wonder How to unshrink cashmere and can save your cashmere fabric from shrinkage issues. So next time if your cashmere sweater is shrinked after washing then you don’t have to panic. Instead, you can follow these tips to increase the lifespan of your luxurious cashmere garments.

We hope this guide is helpful for you to unshrink the cashmere scarves. Our focus is to deliver high-quality cashmere garments to our clients and to increase their knowledge about these fabrics so that they can enjoy the luxury of these fabrics for a long period of time.

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