Pamper Yourself With The Warmth Of Pashmina Cashmere Blanket

Feeling slightly nippy from the comfort of your sofa during a Netflix marathon? This buttery soft pure pashmina cashmere blanket is ready to be your best company – let the softest touch caressing your skin and offering the calmness that soothes your soul.

Each thread of the pashmina blanket is lovingly treated with the care that can be felt on your skin. For the same reason, pure pashmina cashmere is the perfect all-natural material to wrap your precious newborn in. This beautiful blanket makes a fabulous gift for birthdays, weddings, housewarmings, and baby showers, articulating the warmth and affection for your beloveds.

Thread of the Pashmina Blanket is lovingly

Why Pashmina Cashmere?

Pashmina is the finest natural fiber, and a pashmina piece is the marriage of traditional artisanal skills with this rare and luxurious material. Thanks to its elegant look and semi-lustrous sheen, pashmina shawls and scarves are highly sought after and have been popular amongst ladies and gentlemen for centuries. The suppleness, warmness, and weightlessness make pashmina creations a timeless accessory for any occasion.

Now you can bring the same comfort inside the home with the 100% pashmina blanket. These blankets are made from pure cashmere wool manually combed and collected from the special breed of Himalayan goats in Kashmir Valley, by the artisans who faithfully follow the traditional procedures from hand spinning to handweaving in their family workshops.

Why Pashmina Cashmere?

Each blanket is a painstaking labour of love and it is a privilege to own these everlasting pieces when so much craftsmanship and traditional wisdom have been invested into the making, with each authentic piece takes 7 – 10 days of work.

Why is Pashmina Cashmere Blankets the perfect choice for your baby?

Babies are the best gifts from God! You want to welcome and pamper them with only the best, and this ultra-soft natural pashmina minimizes the chance of babies developing rashes, itchiness, and allergic reaction over synthetic fabrics and harsh chemicals.

Gentle on skin and provides great warmth, there is no better fabric than pashmina cashmere to protect their delicate skin.

What are the benefits of Pashmina Cashmere Blanket?

• Pashmina fabric is one of the best insulators nature offers. It keeps you warm in the chilly evenings and cold winter nights.
• Pashmina Cashmere has a wonderful moisture-wicking capability. It absorbs the extra moisture and dampness and keeps you feeling refreshed in humid spring and summer days.
• Pashmina is an extremely lightweight and breathable fabric. It ensures maximum comfort and provides you a soothing, snuggly sensation.
• Pashmina fiber is a strong material. It has been lovingly treated by the artisans to ensure durability suitable for prolonged use.
• Pashmina blanket is versatile. Use it as the ultimate baby wrap, indulge and drape yourself in the plush blanket, decorate your living space and sofa. It is a classy functional piece as well as an elegant accessory.

What are the benefits of Pashmina Cashmere Blanket?

How to care for your Pashmina Cashmere Blanket?

A pashmina blanket is meant for a lifetime. Follow the suggestions below to maintain your precious blanket in its optimum condition:

Washing: Wash the pashmina blanket with a few drops of wool washing liquid in lukewarm water. Submerge the blanket and agitate with your fingers. rinse until running water is clear. Do not twist or squeeze the blanket. Press the excess water out gently and lay dry on a flat surface to avoid stretching. Hand washing is recommended, dry cleaning is also a safe option. Do not machine wash.

Stain removal: For most stains – follow the general washing instruction. Gently sponge the stained area if necessary. Do not rub the stained area as it may damage the fabric. Do not use bleach.

Storage: After cleaning and drying, store the blanket in the cotton bag provided in a dry place. Use bug repellent if necessary as natural fibers are susceptible to insect damage.

Add the pashmina blanket to your cashmere collection today. It will be an investment that pampers you for the years to come.

Angela Jey Cashmere Blankets | Making in traditional loom
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