Summer Pashmina for Women

Summer is here & Pashmina still has a fashion for it.

We love our pashmina, the light as feather fabric, a soft gold when wrapped around the skin feels luxurious that keeps us warm and cozy during the harsh winter season, without the bulkiness of coats and jumpers but as the snow melts, and we welcome the warmer weather, we keep this elegant work of art tucked securely inside our closet, patiently waiting for the breeze to get cooler. But do we really need to hide this graceful fabric in the summer, can we wear a pashmina in the summers? Well, the answer to that is yes, we can. Some may be a bit apprehensive as we are conditioned to believe that wool is best for autumn, winter and spring, however, pashmina is not just any kind of wool.

How is pashmina different? Unlike other wool, this is not collected by shearing but by combing the Himalayan goats. As this is the under fleece of the goats, it tends to be more fine, light and luxurious.

As pashmina is quite flexible and non-absorbent, it is an excellent accessory for the summers too. Pashmina doesn’t absorb sweat like cotton does but allows it to evaporate so you actually feel cool, plus you do not need to wear something that smells later on.  There are many different types of pashmina that you can choose from as well. Thus, the beauty of pashmina shawl is that not only can you wear it in the winters but can easily carry one in the summers.

If you are living in an area where the winters aren’t harsh and you are in confusion of whether or not to invest in a pashmina, here are a few tips you can follow to flaunt this royal fabric even in the summers:

Choose lighter shades-

Cashmere Scarves for Summer

As pashmina is natural, it is rare to find a white pashmina, but you still have plenty of options to choose for light hues such as off-white, gray or beige. Lighter colors reflect light so you don’t feel hot inside

Get a one-ply summer pashmina-

Choosing pashmina for summer - Get a one-ply summer pashmina
Pashmina shawls are woven in one, two or three ply, which simply indicates the number of layers of threads used. So the thumb rule here is, more the ply fabric has, the thicker and warmer it is. Therefore considering this, one ply is the thinnest of the three and is perfect for carrying in summer.

Blending things up –

Woolen Scarves - mixed pashmina with silk

Rather than going for a pure pashmina, go for one mixed with silk as it is a great choice to beat the heat. Silk is a natural and breathable material and the light sheen it provides will make the pashmina even more divine. You’d know the blend by checking its tag or reading its description. The best combination of these two materials in percentage is 70% of pashmina and 30% silk. As a bonus, by adding silk into the pashmina, the material becomes even stronger, so your shawl or scarf lasts longer. You can also go for block printed cotton scarfs for this summer.

Printed Cotton Scarf Red

Block Print Cotton Scarves

Go for a pashmina scarf-

Pom Pom Pashmina for Summer
Scarves are the best fashion accessory during summer and thus the rave, and you can create as many styles as you can with your summer pashmina.

Once you have chosen the pashmina scarf you want to carry for the summer, you can try some elegant ways to wear them throughout the summer


Rather than wrapping it around your shoulders, keep your cool during the warmer weather by wearing your brightest pashmina as a vintage-inspired headscarf instead.

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Some ways you can style your headscarf:

Tying in a bow:

Pompom Summer Pashmina

First, pin your hair into a bun at the crown of your head, and place the middle of your unfolded pashmina at the nape of your neck. Bring the ends of your pashmina to the middle of your forehead, tie a knot, and then tie the long ends into a large bow for a dramatic look.

Spiral knot:

Summer pashmina - Spiral Pashmina Knot
As above, tie the ends of your pashmina in the middle of your forehead, however instead of tying the ends into a bow, twist them around one another into a tight spiral and then tuck the loose ends under the scarf by your ear, leaving the ‘spiral’ out on the show.

Turban style:

Tie your pashmina around the head and tie a double knot at the front of your forehead. Open out the ends of your pashmina width ways, and tuck them in the back of your head so that your hair is not visible and is covered by the fabric.

Knot it up:

ow to choose a pashmina for summer - Go for a pashmina scarf
Simply tie several knots along the loose ends of the pashmina, for a chain link effect, or gently twist the length of the pashmina before knotting it around your neck.

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