Why We Need to Wear Natural Fiber Scarves

While buying any fabric, if you have to choose the colour and size only, then you may be in the blessed category of shoppers who can spread their wings as far as they can. On the other hand, there are some people who need to check the material as well because they are suffering from polyester allergy and barred from wearing anything coming from polyester related fabric. The natural fabric like Cotton, Silk, and Pashmina is the most preferred items that they can wear without any worry.

Going natural and sustainable is the perfect way of styling not only for the people who are suffering from polyester allergy; it is also a good option for everyone. When your closet will be free from any type of synthetic and artificial material, you will help the earth to have fewer carbon footprints.

Before going to the solution, you must know what polyester is and how does allergy can occur from it. So, check out the matter here so that you can make an informed decision.

What is polyester material?

This is a synthetic polymer that has a long chain of molecule structure of which 85% is an ester. This material is lab-made by the reaction of purified terephthalic acid and dihydric alcohol. This material is known for its resistance for shrinking, stretching, mildew, wrinkle, and abrasion and for that reason; you can easily wash and dry it without much hassle. And most importantly, it will retain its normal shape after washing. The durability and strength of the material make it quite popular in the fashion industry.

What is a polyester allergy?

In case any person or any part of their skin comes into contact with the polyester material, he or she may experience an allergic reaction like rash and inflammation. It is known as contact dermatitis. It generally occurs minutes or hours after the skin comes into contact with the fabric containing polyester material. For example, if you wear a scarf made of that synthetic material, you may have the feeling of itching and irritation around the neck. To avoid it, you may carry an original Pashmina scarf.

What are the symptoms of polyester allergy?

The area that comes into contact with the polyester generally feels the symptoms like redness, itching, dryness, irritation, swelling and even blistering. If the symptoms are under control, then you can use a moisturizer to soothe the area. You can also contact the dermatologist who will prescribe any antihistamines or oral steroids in case the irritation goes beyond tolerance.

What to do to avoid the polyester allergy?

The best way to get rid of the polyester allergy is by avoiding the material to come into skin contact. While buying any scarves and fabric check the label of the material. You can select alternative natural materials like cotton, Pashmina, linen, silk, and wool. However, many cotton-based materials have mixed polyester, so before buying you need to check that as well.

Why anyone should wear a Pashmina scarf to avoid polyester allergy?

Pashmina Scarf

The original Pashmina scarf is made of natural hair of a special species of goats that reside higher altitude of Himalaya. The undercoat of the goat that they shed naturally during spring is collected, cleaned and separated in order to make woolen fiber by hand spanning.

The artisans hand-weave the cashmere scarf following the years’ old tradition. They even use organic and natural colors to dye the threads to give them a vibrant appearance.

From the beginning to the end; every step of making a Cashmere scarf is free from any machine-technology and chemicals. That’s why; it will not be responsible for any type of skin allergy to anyone. The fabric is safe and organic which one can wear all through the year. This versatile and flexible scarf provides warmth during the winter season and the breathable fabric gives the right amount of comfort in summer as well.

Moreover, this material is eco-friendly and for that reason, it is the need of the hour. When everyone is looking for a sustainable way of living, buying a cashmere scarf is the best way to go green. Crafting the Pashmina scarf has less impact on the planet as it uses handloom and natural dye.

Pashmina Scarf

So, pamper your skin with the most comfortable, luxurious and organic material and stay ahead of the fashion league as well.

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