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Artisan made the finest quality 100% Pure cashmere blankets and throws hand-loomed in herringbone weave from Kashmir India. Cashmere Blanket is a luxurious affair. The soft and comfortable Cashmere Blankets from the house of Angela Jey help you to relax and unwind. We have a thoughtfully curated collection of handmade luxury Cashmere blankets and throws. These lightweight blankets are travel friendly as you can easily carry them with your luggage. The Cashmere throws of Angela Jey will not only make your winter evening cozy but also make your upholstery elegant and attractive. The super soft and comfy fibre of the blanket is derived from the high-land goats in Ladakh. The artisans hand-spun and hand-weave the blankets meticulously using their years-old knowledge, expertise, and skill. The Cashmere blankets of Angela Jey are a treasure that can be cherished generation after generation.   


Buy Luxury Cashmere Blankets and Throws

The cashmere throw blankets from Angela Jey are made by the Kashmiri artisans from India with the technique they are preserving for years. Each blanket is a creation of love and labour. It is considered a privilege to own these beautiful and exclusive pieces that are made with craftsmanship and traditional astuteness. To make one authentic piece of pure Cashmere Blanket, the experienced craftsman generally takes 7-10 working days.

After the meticulous effort of the artisans, the skillfully hand-woven cashmere blanket is produced with its soft folds and exclusive herringbone design. These Cashmere products are known as the heritage of the family and timeless accessories for the occasions due to their gentleness, warmth, and weightless comfort.

The love and care represented by every thread of the Cashmere throw blanket can be felt when it comes in touch with your skin. Along with Cashmere scarves, it also can help you to resolve all the perplexity regarding gifting options for birthdays, weddings, baby showers, and housewarming.

In the nineteenth century, the Cashmere Blanket was an important item in woman’s dowry in India. It was known as the women’s luxurious possession. It was more like an heirloom in the family that they inherited from their parents.

100% Cashmere Blankets and Throws

Baby Cashmere Blankets: Pure Cashmere Baby Blankets are the perfect choice for babies. As it is purely made by the centuries-old traditional method where all-natural resources are used. The breathable fabric soaks the extra moisture to make them comfortable.

Cashmere Blankets for Travel: While travelling, you want the utmost comfort within the limitation. The weightless Cashmere Blanket will provide the required warmth without making your luggage heavy.

Cashmere Blankets for Home Decor: Luxury and comfortable, the cashmere throw blanket has a rich history and fame ever since the ancient times when it was used to use for special occasions and gifts. Due to the complex procedure of making, it makes cashmere blanket a unique creation.

Cashmere Throw Blankets for Luxury Cruises: Cashmere blanket is the indissoluble part of the luxurious cruise ride. It intensifies the status of the cruise by pampering all the travellers with the aristocracy of this lush accessory.

Pure Cashmere is known for its durability. It does not wear out quickly and for that, you can use it for a longer period of time without any worry. It is a known fact that the comfort and shine of Cashmere increase with time. With every wash, it becomes softer.

FAQs for Cashmere Blankets

Can you wash a cashmere blanket?

Yes, the best way to wash these cashmere blankets is to wash with your hands. This washing method will help the people clean the blanket thoroughly without causing any damage to the blanket. While washing these blankets, people need to use clean cold water and mild detergents suitable for cashmere blankets. People using the washing machine can also clean this blanket with the gentle spin setting in the machine to complete the cleaning process. To dry this material, people need to place this product upon a dry and clean towel, absorbing all the wetness from the cashmere blanket. So, these are the steps necessary for washing the cashmere blanket.

Are cashmere blankets warm?

Yes, the cashmere blankets are warm, and these products are warmer than the traditional sheep wool available in the market. However, these cashmere blankets are more thin and lightweight than the other wool materials. People will feel warmer with these cashmere woolen blankets. Many people say that these cashmere blankets are eight times warmer than other blankets, which makes these products costlier. However, it is so warm to use people to maintain these products with care to have the freshness and look of the blankets. So, these points explain that the cashmere blankets are warmer than any other blanket type. It also explains the nature of these attractive fabric materials.

How much does a cashmere throw price?

The price range of pure cashmere throws starts from $300, and it will increase according to the artwork and the size of the products. Different designs and sizes are available with these cashmere throws, making them more costly and attractive. The hand-made cashmere throws are the best part of these products, which will cost several times more than the regular cashmere blankets available in the market. These products attract many people due to their unique look and mesmerizing beauty. The cashmere throws price range will differ according to the features and look of the products. So, these are the points that people need to know about the price range of cashmere throws that are perfect for people to stay in clod weather.

What's the best material for a cashmere throw?

The cashmere throws are the product of cashmere wool, which is natural wool from the underbelly of the goats that are popularly available in the peaks of the Himalayas. This natural wool has a natural feature of withstanding cold, and it also helps people make themselves warm. The making process of this wool throw is the central part of this product. The manufacturers of this product create these cashmere throws by hand, and they also implement various kinds of designs and different color patterns in those throws. So, these are the points that people need to know about the valuable materials for developing cashmere wool.