The way geographical area of Gujarat presents so much variety, so do its clothing trends. The textiles and dress of Gujarat in northwestern India are acclaimed for their design and craftsmanship, the fine thread work, use of beats, astragals, small patches, mirror works, clothe pieces are commonly found as add ups of Gujarati outfits. This is the fineness and creativity of Gujarati embroiders.
The sophisticated weaves, dyeing techniques, intricate embroideries, vibrant motifs and embellished dress, and the communities to which many of these are unique.
The very colourful combination in fabrics and stitchings give Gujarati style a strong impact, international designers often inspired by it and many use it on jacket and handbag design. In India, Gujarati fabrics are used to make bags, each bag has its own character due to the au-thenticity of each piece of fabric.