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Block Printed Handmade 100% Cotton Quilts

  We scrupulously craft our hand block print soft yet vibrant cotton quilts which are available in floral prints, geometric prints and artistic motif designs on the finest cotton textile. We follow the ancient hand block print method along with traditional patterns to bring out bold, cheerful colours cherished for their remarkable beauty. The bright natural colours and beautiful motifs enhance the richness of hand-quilted cotton quilts.


Buy Indian Block Printed Cotton Quilts Online

Angela Jey block printed quilts are made from 100% cotton. For dyeing and printing of these exotic cotton quilts, our expert and skilled artisans use natural colours. The block-printed quilts are made by expert artisans who create masterpieces with the help of traditional weaving techniques. Block prints are quite popular all over the world because of their ancient printing technique on textiles. The bright and soulful colours, beautiful motifs, and unique designs make this print popular on different accessories.

Making of Cotton Quilts

The influence of nature plays a huge role in different ancient design techniques like weaving, dyeing, woodblock printing and hand stitching. Along with that, the expertise and dexterity of the artisans reflect on the craft. Subtle variations of colours, patterns, and finish are quite typical for handmade quilts and eventually, they attest to the authenticity. Block prints are a manual way to design any fabric. Small wooden blocks are used in the design. The technique was invented in ancient China but the designers of Jaipur, India have made it popular all over the world.

They curve the design on the small wooden block and dab it on the colour. Finally, they put the block on the fabric precisely to make a mark on it. Interestingly, the colours that are used for block printing are mostly natural. This is considered the slowest printing method on fabric as the designers need the patience to meticulously carve the design on the block and place them properly to bring out the design. All the processes are done by hand only. After all the patience and hard work, it yields highly artistic results in form of quilt.

Buy Queen Size, King Size and Single Size Cotton Quilts

Shop the finest quality hand-quilted cotton quilts from Angela Jey in different sizes.

Single Size: 150cm x 230cm – 60inches x 90inches.

Queen Size: 270cm x 230 cm – 90inches x 108inches.

King Size: 270cm x 270 cm – 108inches – 108inches.

Cotton quilts are made in India by skilled Artisans and it is light weighted, comfortable and good to use this cotton quilt for summer, in AC and it is popularly known as a Rajai or Jaipuri Rajai in India.

Our pieces tell a story. The design inspiration and craftsmanship used to create them are centuries-old, and yet Indian textiles fit easily into any lifestyle, adding a touch of newness to every ensemble.