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Gemstone Jewellery

"Gems possess life in them, sometimes their colors can say it all that words fail to say"

Angela Jey’s gemstone jewelry is exclusively created by the traditional craftsmen in Jaipur, India, employing the centuries-old techniques and designs. Jaipur is India's second important gems and jewelry exporting center, with a history dating back to more than two an half a centuries, the renowned Indian Gems City is still considered to be a hot-spot in Gems 'n' Jewellery.

Jaipur, India, for centuries has not just been the center for main colored gems processing but also the global center since most of the world supply of cut and polished emerald emanate from this gem’s city. Apart from the emeralds, Jaipur has also been processing the overall rainbow of colored gems as well as pearls.

The place has been the ultimate destination of traditional processing work with prominent skills like cutting and polishing of over hundreds of different species of colored gemstones in both synthetic and natural, carving, bead-making, stringing and also the manufacturing of objects like the art and fine jewelry. That's not it, even a local Ustad (Master cutter) has made the world record by cutting 1400 tiniest emeralds, which weight around a single carat.

Gemstone Jewellery Online At Angela Jey

Gemstones aren't new to the humankind, their existence dates back from the ancient times and has attracted the world since then, however, when it comes to attraction, gems have to be beautiful. The beauty of gems lies in their color or sometimes the lack of color. If we specifically talk about the latter case, the immoderate clarity and fire adorn the gems with superb attraction.

The brightness, opalescence and the asterism (the exposition of an asteroid figure in reflected light), chatoyance (the exhibition of an immutable luster and a constricting, smooth band of white light) are some of the other features that help to make gems look beautiful. Apart from the beauty factor, gems also need to be durable and should be able to withstand the wear and tear of regular uses.

In addition to their uses in making jewelry, gems have also been regarded as the miraculous material by many civilizations and meant to endow individuals with mysterious powers. For an instance, the diamond was used to give strength in battle and protect the warriors from the magic and ghosts. The tincture of such beliefs still hangs in the modern practices by wearing a birthstone.