Angela Jey Ltd.
We are keen on creating clothes and home products that are long-lasting in quality, timeless in style and made in an ethical way. What we make and what you buy can make an impact on people and the planet in long term. 


Angela Jey products are sustainable source and ethically made.

With an aim to provide a platform for our artisans to display their creativity and skills, we collaborate with small to medium size workshops exclusively and ensure the artisans are fairly paid for their expertise and celebrated for their creativity. We spent years to search for the best independent artisans in different cities and took the time to understand each artisan’s expertise and passion.

Planet, people and animal comes before profit, and we are dedicated to sustainably and ethically sourced materials. Angela Jeyscarves are made with natural yarns: premium quality cotton, fine wool and luxurious pashminas cashmere. The pashminas are made from Kashmiri Changthangigoat at the high plateaus of the Himalayas, where the goats roam free. We work with small suppliers who are committed to provide the goats a cruelty-free life, treat them with respect and collect the cashmere wool through hand-combing only at the right time of the year. The dyes, where possible, are always azo-free or plant-based.

Sustainably sourced material and ethical labour often come at a premium, yet as the stewards of the Earth, we are proud to bring back the appreciation of nature’s finest and assume our responsibility towards the environment and people empowerment seriously.


What is luxury?
Quality that last is luxury.

Choose well, and choose quality. We applaud the slow fashion philosophy which every piece serves a purpose and is made well to last. At Angela Jey, we join the movement by injecting the slow fashion philosophy into every piece of our product. Our artisans lovingly crafted each item to make you feel special, and put in extra effort to ensure our pieces are made to stand the test of time.

Time is a true luxury.

Angela Jey artisans take their time to bring the beautiful pieces to life with their years of know-how. The time they have devoted to their trade and their craft is a luxury. The artisans invest their knowledge and emotions into each project they work on with pride, and the intricacy creates a precious connection between the makers and you.


Angela Jey was created in a hope to empower artisans and bring positive impacts by connecting businesses with local communities.

We are passionate about increasing the recognition of ethical production, sustainable crafts, genuine top quality pashmina (cashmere), the beauty of natural fabrics and handmade accessories by offering these charming accessories at an affordable price. Our partners share the same vision and passion, and we retain a low margin to ensure our partners and artisans are fairly compensated and their livelihoods improved.

We also strive to make a positive contribution to the society and communities by giving back – we work with a range of charities, with a focus on providing education to pre-school children in Delhi, and we collaborate with NGOs in Hong Kong, India and the Philippines to empower female workforce, support underprivileged children and aid refugees in need.

We would like to invite you, our Angela Jey supporter, on our journey to celebrate sustainable luxury crafts and create positive social changes together.


We put the planet, people, before profit.
Angela Jey is dedicated to sustainability and ethically sourced materials. By nature, being ethical can be much costlier than taking the easy route and purchasing from the refiner or dealer with low prices and shady sourcing. Our cashmere comes from Kashmir, the high plateaus of the Himalayas where these goats’ dwell. We endeavour to maintain our quality keeping in mind the planet.