Angela Jey is a love story of India. Experienced Indian culture in my childhood has planted a deep seed inside me, I have always in love with colours and handrafted fashions ever since. It was like an epiphany, revisiting India in end 2014 truly awakened my senses; the culture, the people, and the vivid colours! I fell in love all over again and realized this was my destiny. The vibrancy of India and the perfect craftsmanship in all that the people of India undertake inspired me and led me to start my company Angela Jey. Thanks to the amazing team, who have made my dream come true, and walking along with me with such devotion. - Angela


       Taj Mahal 

Angela Jey is a Hong Kong based company, Hong Kong Chinese, Indian and Japanese. India has rich history in textile and hand craftsmanship, the refined embroidery technique and skillful craftsmen are unique. We want to share our love for India through signature pieces which can bring essence of this magnificent country to you. All our products are contempory designed yet using traditional workmanship, hand made by craftsmen across India, as each region has its specialty and signature pattern.

We support sustainable and eco friendly fashion, in which we use handloom, organic and recycle fabrics and use eso free and vegetable dye. We work closely with the artisans and weavers to make sure they get a fair wages for their hard work, so that more families are getting the benefit of our growth. We put planet and people before profit. 

We are forever grateful to our beloved Indian friends who have helped us from the beginning. We have met many inspiring, warm hearted people in our journey, they have welcomed us with warm open arms, helped us grow and continuously showing us love. 

It is only the beginning of our journey, we hope that you enjoy the experience through our products, feel the passion of this magical country, and will begin to love India as much as we do.  

-Angela Jey