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We love our plain pashmina collection. These beautiful pashminas are a wonderful addition to our plain pashmina scarf ranges and come in a stunning palette of colours.

Plain pashmina scarves

These elegant, delicate and luxurious 100% cashmere plain Pashmina scarves are usually hand-loomed & give the scarves its distinctive character.

The soft and gentle handcrafted plain Pashmina Scarves weaved on traditional looms in the picturesque valley of Kashmir seem to be a wonderful work of adroit workmanship and art that recalls the centuries-old art and craft.

For hundreds of years, the valley of Kashmir has derived unprecedented prowess in weaving Pashmina. However, due to the constitutional vulnerability, the unsystematic productions, and sometimes questionable business practices, the region has been losing its dominance equivalence to the production by their neighbor Nepal.

Though Nepal does not feature that supreme knowledge, it's rather a steady and dependable economic partner for the importing countries. Handwoven on the long-established wooden looms, our Pashminas are a true work of art. They are woven with extreme attention to detail, the soft light-weighted, and warm wraps are made of premium cashmere fiber.

Once woven by the immensely experienced artisans, they are further hand-dyed to preserve their natural hand feel and amazing texture. The unprocessed and unblemished color is sure to ablaze the gloomiest of winter days.

Hand-crafted on traditional looms in the valleys of Kashmir, the Pashmina weaving is an age-old concept that was commenced centuries ago. The warmth, soft touch, and cloud-like feel of the handmade Pashmina scarf, in the exquisite cantaloupe, will see you apart from the ordinary usual ones.