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Our expert and skilled artisans vigilantly craft cotton area rugs that are soft to touch and elegant to look at. Angela Jey area rugs are made with the finest quality cotton. The bright colours and patterns are the result of the exquisite and meticulous efforts of the craftsmen. The rugs are available both in traditional and contemporary patterns.

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Cotton area rugs of Angela Jey are made with 100% pure cotton. The skilled artisans weave the rugs in the most delicate and artistic way. The aesthetic sense of those artisans reflects on the selection of colours and patterns. The vibrant yet classy colours along with creative patterns make the rugs a piece of beauty. The motifs and designs are especially curetted by our design team to create beautiful and elegant cotton area rugs. 

Cotton Floor Rugs

The design of the rugs is highly influenced by nature as well as tradition. All the beauties are handmade with expertise, craftsmanship, and hours of labour. In the end, a perfect piece of elegance comes out which is worth all the time and effort. All the rugs are coming directly from the artisans who are exclusively working for Angela Jey.

Handwoven Cotton Rugs and Carpet for Home

The imperfection is the beauty of these handmade rugs. The generational skills of rugs making interlace stories of weaving that bring with the legion of the artisans. Angela Jey is driven to preserve and protect those stories which are reflected on these hand-woven accessories. With time, we bring many artisans under our umbrella to bring out the most unique piece which is unparallel in terms of design, material, colour, and textile. In collaboration with leading designers, the rugs are made as a symbol of rich cultural heritage.

The cotton area rugs of Angela Jey stand out in the crowd. The design sensibilities, colour selection, and standard of textile make it a piece of home décor that everyone will adorn and treasure.