Pashmina Embroidery

Hand Embroidered Pashmina

Angela Jey specializes in the finest textiles and hand embroideries.  All of our embroidered pashmina stoles for women are handwoven and hand embroidered. 100% original cashmere (pashmina) from Kashmir, with great attention paid to workmanship, details  and quality. In the early 15th century, the art of weaving pashmina and hand embroidery travelled from Persia to the Northern part of India, later flourished in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The meticulous standard by the Kashmiri artisans is famous in the world. Their embroidery patterns are intricate, elegant in style and rich in colour. It can take up to years to finish some full and meticulous designs, main patterns on Kashmiri embroidered pashmina are flowers, chinar leaves, cypress cones, lotus and paisley. Handmade embroidery pashmina is available online now with worldwide shipping. Angela Jey’s handmade embroidery pashmina size is 70x200cm. We are happy to do cash on delivery in Hong Kong and free shipping worldwide to make your shopping more convenient.

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