How to wear a pashmina scarf and shawl

Pashmina scarves are so lucrative that people can really think twice before buying it. This exclusive piece of fabric is hand-curated by artisans sitting in the valley of Kashmir with utmost care and love. However, the real challenge comes afterwards when people don’t know how to wear a Pashmina Scarf. Therefore, they fail to get the desired look.

This elegant pashmina scarf can make any regular dress extraordinary. Whether the board meeting or evening wedding, when you tie or wrap the rich and lustrous cashmere scarf around your neck; you are going to be the show stopper, definitely.  

The secret of the look of the Pashmina scarf lies in the style to wear it. You can even wear like a shirt or with a brooch; you just need to know the ways to tie it properly.

Here we come with 13 unique ways to wear the Cashmere scarf differently that will catch the attention of every onlooker.

  1. Double Deck
  2. Simple Tie
  3. Braid Beauty
  4. Double Loop
  5. Double Simple Tie
  6. Roll Over Simple Tie
  7. Taiwan Twist
  8. Around The Corner
  9. Criss Cross Twist
  10. Belt It Around
  11. Traditional Layer
  12. Waterfall Style
  13. Roll O Bow

So, if you want to learn how to wear a Pashmina scarf, then check out the videos for all the above styles with wearing direction.

Pashmina Style #1: Double Deck


This is a classy style to wear a Pashmina scarf with a sweater. In the time of winter, the Double Deck style not only gives you an elegant look, but it also provides prevention against the cold. To don this style, you need to make a small tie with your hands in the middle section of the scarf. Then spread the scarf in your neck while holding the knot in the middle of the chest. Now cross pass both the ends of the scarf through the knot. Your look is ready now!

Pashmina Style #2: Simple Tie


This is the best style for office or a casual outing. In case, you have an embroidery cashmere scarf, then it is the best way to flaunt the design. You have to drape the scarf around your shoulder and bring both the end ahead. Now just tie a simple knot and ta-da; you are ready to rock the office.

Pashmina Style #3: Braid Beauty


If you are looking for an elegant style to wear Cashmere scarf for a Wedding, then you can try this. For this, you need to drape the scarf around your neck and hold the middle section tightly. Then take the left end of the scarf and wrap again around the neck. Then take the end and insert the end in the loop and your Braid Beauty is ready.

Pashmina Style #4: Double Loop


This look is just perfect for corporate appearance. You can also combo it with a blazer as well. To make the Double Loop, drape the Pashmina scarf around the neck and hold the part on the chest of the left part of the scarf. Now wrap again the end around the neck to create a loop. Now, turn the loop section loosely so that another loop can be created. Now insert both the ends within it and adjust the look.

Pashmina Style #5: Double Simple Tie


This is also an apt style for the casual look. The process is like The Simple Tie but with a twist. You have to out the scarf around your neck and just like Double Loop hold the right part on the chest and turn the remaining part around the neck again. Now, do a simple tie with both the ends while settle the first loop tightly to get the look perfectly.

Pashmina Style #6: Roll Over Simple Tie


This chic style of wearing the Pashmina Scarf is really awesome. You can wear this during the summer season along with long frock. The fluffy and funky look is quite attractive and can make regular attire an outstanding one. If you have a monochrome dress, then use a colorful and bright Pashmina along with a brooch. To tie this style, you have to follow the exact steps for the Style #5: Double Simple Tie and then roll the two ends from inside of the loop.

Pashmina Style #7: Taiwan Twist


It is the best style when you are on the go. You don’t even need a mirror to maintain wrap the Pashmina Scarf in this way. You can carry the look with a sweater or pencil skirt as it will add volume. For the Taiwan Twist, you have to fold the scarf lengthwise from the middle. Now wrap the folded scarf around the neck. Now take the loop of the already folded scarf and insert the two ends together to tie a simple knot.

Pashmina Style #8: Around The Corner


This is the ideal way to wear Cashmere scarf when the weather is too cold. Along with style, it also keeps your neck warm during winter. This easy style will start with wrapping your neck with one end of the Pashmina scarf. The process of rolling needs to continue until you reach the other end. Now take one corner of the scarf and tuck it in the rolled part to create a triangle in the front section.

Pashmina Style #9: Criss Cross Twist


To get the smart look in Pashmina scarf, you can use this style. It can go with formal and party look as well. It is a great option to don the Wedding Pashmina as well. You need to wrap from one end twice around the neck. However, the main trick lies in the strategy that you need to keep a part of that end hanging from the neck. Now take the right end of the scarf and tuck it from the wrapped part and do the same thing with the left pat as well. Now adjust the length of the scarf. This so simple and so stylish look will leave everyone spellbound.

Pashmina Style #10: Belt It Around


This simple but stylish look can become the game-changer in any casual party. Moreover, you don’t need to do much hassle to don this look. You just need a belt along with your gorgeous Pashmina. You have to hang the scarf over your shoulder to front section equally. Now take the belt and wear it around your waist and your look is complete. The look can replicate the long jacket appearance with Pashmina scarf.

Pashmina Style #11: Traditional Layer


If you check out how to wear Cashmere in the traditional way, then it is the most suitable one. As we must know the Pashmina shawls were draped by ancient King and Queen as the sign of the royalty. You can taste the elegance by wearing the Pashmina in Traditional Layer style. Relatively, this is the easiest style that you can wear any time. You need to just drape the scarf from one shoulder (preferably left) on your hand. You can wear this Pashmina style with a brooch to set the material on your shoulder. This look best goes with traditional wear at weddings.

Pashmina Style #12: Waterfall Style


This is the most popular way to wrap a Pashmina scarf. Whether you wear a shirt or a sweater, this style can do wonder for all. Many people like to wear this with a sleeveless top or normal tank tops. The easiest way to have the look is to loop the Pashmina scarf around your neck while both the fringed ends will hand around. For that, you need to take one end of the Pashmina across your chest and twist it in a loop around your neck to allow both the ends fall like a cascade.

Pashmina Style #13: Roll O Bowl


This sophisticated style of wearing Pashmina will help you to look different in the crowd. The best thing of the Roll O Bowl style is that it will go with almost any outfit. If you are in a hurry, the best thing you can do is Roll O Bowl style with your Pashmina. Take one end of the Pashmina scarf around the neck and continue the process until you reach to the last end. Now tuck it easily to get a fluffy and beautiful design to wear your favorite scarf.

After knowing all the styles to wear Pashmina scarves like a pro, we are assured that you are going to be the talk of the town soon. However, we must say that every style to wear a Pashmina scarf will be better if you select the original product.

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