Angela Jey Ltd.


Angela Jey provides 100% authentic cashmere blankets for kids. Our soft and luxurious handmade personalized cashmere baby blankets are perfect for keeping little ones warm so that they enjoy better quality sleep. Cashmere throws are completely made of the manual process by using natural colours. 


100% Cashmere Kids Blankets and Throws

The traditional artisans of Kashmir valley, India weave the cashmere baby blankets with their time-honored skills and comprehension. Each and every blanket is the labor of love and the utmost patience.

From collecting the undercoat of the Changra Goat to weaving, every step is done by hand only. Their intriguing endurance to derive the best blanket has made it more special. Whenever you touch them, the warmth, the softness will transform into your skin.

The Cashmere baby blankets are made of natural hair of the Changra goat that works as the perfect insulator to provide comfort in all seasons. The local artisans hand-spin the hair to Cashmere wool and then weave the warm yet light baby blankets following the traditional approach.

The quality is a prime magnetism for the Cashmere Baby Blankets. There is no utilization of chemical or electronic mechanisms in the creation of this accomplice. The artisans spend hours to complete each step of the progression and finally bring out these supreme quality blankets along with Cashmere scarves and shawls. All the resources are used to fabricate these exclusively designed masterpieces that are completely natural and safe for the baby.

Angela Jey ensures that it brings to you the selected and exclusive range of Cashmere Baby Blankets that are handmade and free from any chemicals.

Why Cashmere Blanket is best for your baby?

The Cashmere baby blanket is exceptionally soft, warm yet lightweight. As it is breathable, your baby will stay comfortable in every climate.

Another important aspect of Cashmere is its capability to absorb excess moisture. It is also water-resistant which is not very common among the natural fabric. Surprisingly, original Cashmere can soak water up to 35% of its weight and there will be no feeling of wet while touching. Moreover, it will eventually release the excess moisture into the atmosphere so that the baby will stay warm and dry.

Hygiene is very important for babies. The cashmere fiber has a special quality to repel the bacteria that cause odor. As a result, the baby will stay fresh all through the day.

Most of the time, it can be seen that an apparently soft fabric cause irritation, rash, or even infection to the delicate skin of the little one. On that point, we can say that the Cashmere fiber is absolutely safe for the baby’s skin because it does not cause any allergy or itchiness.