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Make your big day extra special with the perfect piece of wedding pashminas. From pastel hues to gorgeous pink, anyone finds the best match for her wedding dress from the wide range of colour palette we offer. Our wedding pashminas will definitely complement not only the gorgeous attire of the bride but also of the outfits of bridesmaids, mother-of-the-bride and wedding guests.

Indulge The Treasure of Wedding Pashmina

Now that summer is here, it means time for summer weddings. Whether you are the bride, the bride’s family or the guest, looking your best at any wedding is the first rule. And to help you in that, we present a vast range of Pashmina shawls, stoles and scarfs that will make your wedding pictures just perfect.

Why Pashmina is exclusive?

If you are the bride and looking for that perfect gift to give to your guest as wedding favors, then nothing can be better than a Pashmina.

Made from wool from specific breeds of goats found only in the Himalayan regions of Kashmir, Pashmina has been the favorite of royalties since the 11th century. Even today, an authentic pashmina is made with the hand; from combing of the goats’ winter coat to get the wool, to the weaving of the shawls and stoles by craftsman who has learned the craft from their forefathers.

The exclusiveness of Pashmina Scarf For Wedding!

So, when you gift one of our beautiful pashmina wedding stoles or scarf, you are gifting centuries of tradition and craftsmanship. And we have them in most beautiful colors that are sure to suit any age group; for your mother or mother-in-law, you can choose the more pastel shades like Rose Cerise or Salmon pink or Red bean while for your bridesmaid and younger guests, you can go for vibrant colors like pink, forest green or watermelon.

Our pashmina shawls are also a great way to jazz up your wedding outfit as a guest. They come in their own carter and is so soft that you can easily fold and keep in your handbag. They are perfect to keep in your bag if you are attending the wedding after your office or any other formal event.

Why you should buy from us?

Just choose one with beautiful design and it will turn your formal or semi-formal dress into a party one. Most importantly, they will come handy if that outdoor wedding weather suddenly changes from sunny to windy; the stole will provide you warmth from the sudden chill.

So, no matter what your reason is, make sure you have one of our exquisite handmade wedding pashmina stoles or scarves in your wardrobe before this wedding season.