Winter is already here. With the colorful leaves of fall, it has spread its wings to the most extreme corner. Now it is time to revamp your wardrobe and bring out some exclusive and wonderful warm woolens. No matter how much you try to do an experiment with your sweater and jackets, you can barely make any difference. Surprisingly, the winter pashmina scarf can be the game changer in your fashion league.

It is not the fashion quotient; there are so many other factors that will compel you to add this soft and warm Pashmina. When the sun seems far away, it is the scarf that can provide you much required warmth. It will protect your skin against the chilly weather.

Pashmina scarf

If you are on the winter shopping spree, then packed yourself with the awesome reasons to buy the Winter Pashmina this season.


The first reason why Pashmina is best for winter should be the capability of keeping you warm in the chilly weather. It works as an insulator as it keeps the heat inside and prevents the cold wind to touch the skin. Whether you are dealing with an unpredictable drop of temperature in the evening or full-fledged winter season, it will protect your neck and provide the required warmth.

2. Fashionable:

You can go never wrong in the fashion game with a Pashmina scarf. The vibrant and beautiful colors and bright texture of the fabric can uplift the look of any attire. From Hollywood heartthrob to fashionista; everyone is a fan of Cashmere. There are so many ways to wear the Pashmina scarf or shawl that you will never run out of ideas and make the same piece of cloth exclusive every time.

3. Comfortable:

The texture of Cashmere is so soft and supple that you will never complain. On the other hand, most of the people always complain about the itchy feeling of woolens that keeps irritate them throughout the winter season. However, cashmere makes you comfortable with its soft texture.

4. Flexible:

Flexibility is a great aspect of Pashmina Scarf. It looks good with both formal and casual attire. If you are attending a wedding, then the evening gown will look more gorgeous after teaming up with Cashmere scarf. When you wrap your neck with it while attending a board meeting, nothing can be more classy than it.

Cashmere Pashmina

5. Easy To Carry:

Is the local weather is unpredictable? Then you can carry the Pashmina shawl in your clutch to save you sudden temperature drop. It may sound unbelievable but it is true. The Cashmere as a material is so soft that you can fold and carry it in a small bag and there will be almost no difference in the weight.

6. Natural:

The fiber of the Pashmina is made of the wool of a special breed of goat that is only available at the Himalayan plateau of Kashmir, Ladakh, and Nepal. The goat shed their undercoat in spring and the artisans collect the fiber to spun wool from it. From the collection to production of the Cashmere scarf, every step is natural and organic.

Pashmina scarves

7. Royal:

Do you know Pashmina Shawls were the royal choice for many ages? Many ancient kinds of literature have mentioned of this material as the attire of the kingdom. It has been found out that this Kashmiri Shawls also found its way to the great Roman courts of Nero and Cesar. You can add this royal stuff to your closet as well.

8. Handmade:

The original Pashmina is completely handmade. After the collection of shredded fiber, the artisans sort them as per the color and texture. Then the spinning, weaving and dyeing processes are done without the help of any machine. It may take months to make one single Pashmina shawl by hand.

9. Heritage:

In the 15th Century, the then Kashmiri ruler Zayn-ul-Abidin was started the wool industry in the region and Pashmina was introduced. According to another, it is been considered that the craft was made popular by Mir Sayyid Ali Hamadani who brought 700 artisans from Persia. Today, the present-day artisans are still living on that tradition of weaving for Pashmina shawl. The heritage value of the shawl is impeccable.

10. Variety:

You can buy a scarf or a shawl of Cashmere as per your requirement. You can explore lots of variety of Pashmina like ombre, plain, lace, sheer, embroidery, metallic, pompom and many more. You will be surprised to know the available assortments for the material that is equally lucrative, stylish and graceful.

cashmere pashmina scarf

11. Extended Life:

If you take proper care, then the Pashmina scarf will keep its glamour years after years. With every wash, it will be softer and more luxurious. Make sure that you will hand wash it with mild fabric detergent so that the vegetable dye does not bleed. A Pashmina Shawl is a treasure of anyone’s closet and it can be cherished generation after generation if maintained properly.

12. Exclusive:

From making to crafting, every step of making Pashmina is so delicate that it makes this fabric so exclusive. As it is considered as a royal and luxurious item of the wardrobe, not everyone has the privilege to own it. When you wear embroidery Pashmina for any occasion, every eye will be fixed on you like the glamour of the shawl will add exquisiteness in your presence.

Winter pashmina wrap

13. Efficiency:

Whether you wear it as a headscarf or shrug; there is no limit to use the Cashmere scarf. You can use it as the accessories in the winter or cover your neck to avoid chilly wind; it will do its work magically. It does not only protect you from the harsh winter but also makes you look fashionable.

14. Practical:

When you are investing in winter garments, make sure that it should be worth your money. When you have a shawl that goes with every attire, saves you from winter by giving warmth, stays with you year after year and you can carry it easily; is there anything better and practical than the option of the Pashmina?

15. Wedding:

Do you have an impending wedding invitation in the winter season? If you are worried about how to carry your outfit in the chilly weather, then Cashmere is the only answer for it. The glaze and sheer of the texture will compliment your wedding outfit. Pashmina is a popular wedding favor for guests and bridesmaids as well as it will make the event colorful and gorgeous.

So, what are you waiting for then? Indulge the colorful and designer world of pure handmade Pashmina to make this winter; and every winter memorable.

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