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Complete your look with the pure handmade Cashmere scarvesThe Cashmere wraps and scarves of Angela Jey are soft to touch yet warm and classy. You can easily distinguish our scarves from the premium quality and royal luster of the texture that comes from 100% pure cashmere wool. Each of the scarves is only one of its kind as they are handcrafted with the love and patience of the artisans of Kashmir. Shop authentic Cashmere scarf with confidence!!.

Buy Handmade Cashmere Scarves

The word ‘Cashmere’ is derived from Kashmir, the beautiful valley of India. Cashmere wool is made from a special variety of goats that reside in that valley only. This natural fabric is very soft and also has insulating properties.

Our fashionable range of Cashmere Scarves is exclusively crafted by the artisans of Kashmir, India. With their age-old traditions, they successfully design and weave the scarves with utmost care and passion. Each of the scarves receives nurture and warmth that can be felt when you wear them.

The weaving techniques the craftsmen follow are generation old. Our Cashmere scarves encompass tradition, the culture of the rich heritage of the land that imbibes in the crafting process. The premium quality handmade Cashmere Scarf of Angela Jey has its own mark of quality.

Our decorous range of Cashmere shawls and scarves are specially handmade by the weaver in the manual loom. The manufacturing process of the accessory has a story itself. From the spinning of the wool to designing; every step is looked after by the experienced artisans who are gifted with traditional knowledge, aesthetic sense, and incomparable skills.

And most importantly, all the steps are carried out by their delicate love and passion for the art of weaving. Their dedication and ardor for the craft are reflected on the thread of the Cashmere Scarves. Angela Jey is content to help those traditional weavers by preserving their heritage and time-honored technique by providing them the platform to showcase their art to the world.

We bring to you the opportunity to buy and treasure these handmade prized possessions online. You can buy the cashmere scarves and they will be delivered to your doorstep. Relish the warmth of the Angela Jey Scarves and Shawls and ooze in a style that is elegant as well as classy.  

FAQ's for Cashmere Scarves?

1. What's special about cashmere scarves?

Cashmere scarves are super soft, warm, and feel luxurious. They're made from the fine fur of cashmere goats

2. How do I know if a cashmere scarf is real or fake?

Just look for "100% Cashmere" on the label. Real cashmere scarves are incredibly soft and, let's be real, they don't come cheap. Quality like that is worth it!

3. How do I take care of my cashmere scarf?

Just hand wash it gently with mild soap, making sure to squeeze out the water afterward. Then, simply let it air dry flat. And remember don't twist or wring it!

4. Can I wear cashmere scarves in different ways?

Absolutely! You can wrap, fold, or knot them in so many ways to match your outfit and style. They're super flexible and always add a touch of class to any look.

5. Can I wear cashmere scarves all year round?

Yes! They're great for both cold winters and breezy summers because they're warm but lightweight.