Angela Jey Ltd.


Pure 100% pashmina blankets and throws. Hand-woven in a special thick quality herringbone weave and made of finest pashmina from Kashmir.


100% Pure Pashmina Blankets

Pashmina Blanket is an excellent choice to add a understate luxurious, warm touch to living rooms and bedrooms. The subtle appearance, unprecedented softness is the quality of living that these blankets boast, it is a must-have for any modern cosy home. The pashmina throws are among the most favoured products in Angela Jey Collection. Its monochromatic, exquisite modern style in an attenuated herringbone weave pattern and combed brinks.

The natural finest wool-pashmina blankets/throws are woven are coming from the underbelly of Himalayan Goat aka Capra Hircus, living 14000 feet above sea level, it is given the finest pashmina's in the globe. The entire procedure of collecting, cleaning, carding, yearning, and weaving, dying and embroiling, is excluding any sort of animal slaughtering and coercive child labour. Time is luxury, The word 'Luxury' is the perfect word to delineate this craftsmanship.

It takes approximately 7-10 days to finish one blanket, it is a highly time and labour consuming work so only limited workshops are still making these demanding pieces. These all handmade pashmina blankets are rare to find and mostly available by custom made orders in your designated colour, size, and designs. As a result of any handmade piece, variation in finishing and colour is inevitable, please see them as the charm of character and uniqueness of each piece. Colour differences may occur from the actual product to the computer screen, depends on the brand of computer and the tone each use.