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Pure 100% cashmere blankets and throws. Hand-woven in special thick quality and made of finest PASHMINA from Kashmir.

Cashmere pashmina blankets

Cashmere Pashmina Blankets stand as the fabulous options to add a posh touch o the bedroom. The unprecedented look, pleasing softness and the level of quality that these blankets boast, have made them increasingly sensible addictions to the homes. The cashmere blankets are among the most favored products in Angela Jey Collection. After weaving, these blankets go through a special method of washing which gives them extra added loft and texture. Its monochromatic, exquisite style boasts an attenuated basket weave pattern and combed brinks.

The natural wool by which cashmere blankets are woven comes from the underbelly of Himalayan Goat aka Capra Hircus) which is one of the finest Cashmere's in the globe, living 14000 feet above sea level. The entire procedure of collecting this wool from cleaning to carding, yearning to knitting, dying and embroiling, is simple and pure excluding any sort of animal slaughtering and coercive child labor.

The overall process of weaving these products provides promotes hundred of job opportunities to the needy locals who earn their daily bread and butter out of this. With the amazing skills of the local workers, the final piece of the product looks amazing and becomes even softer the longer you use. Most of these items are handmade and are the result of hand-crafted work that leads to the various variations in color, size, and designs.

Even if you see them closely, you will notice only a little different from one piece to another. Also, you can encounter a few color discrepancies between the product you searched on your computer screen and the actual one. The word 'Luxury' is the perfect word to delineate this craftsmanship. The rarity and exclusivity of this product are simply remarkable.

Each of our luxury Pashmina Blankets is handwoven that takes an artisan to spend from a minimal of 10 hours to 1000's of hours efforts to create them.