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Angela Jey Ltd.

Area Rugs & Dhurries

 Angela Jey is an online store in Hong Kong curating quality handmade rugs from Indian artisans. Our floor rugs and carpets are hand-made by skilful artisans in some traditional ways from villages in Northern India. Each aspect of the process from dyeing the cotton thread to drying, spinning, weaving, and cleaning is carefully and lovingly created by experienced artisans. A small change in consumption will make a big difference to the environment in the long term.

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Angela Jey, Hong Kong has a classic collection of handmade rugs. Our range is the true reflection of intricate craftsmanship and extensive labor to bring out the lively designs on your floor. The ravishing colors and soft texture blend perfectly for the unique piece. The rug collection of Angela Jey is completely unique. You can purchase rugs online to get them delivered to your doorstep. Browse through the rich rug segment to enrich your home and office décor. 

Cotton, Jute, Wool Floor Rugs

Rugs are the symbol of luxuriousness in home décor. For ages; this accessory has been using to cover up the floor and give the space a lavish feeling. These handmade beauties are curated by years of experience, manual process, and utmost care. The warmth of the artisans’ hand travels to the cold floor to make it comfortable for your footsteps. It will make the home cosier. Rugs loom good everywhere, including living room, bedroom, or even kitchen. Apart from the aesthetic beauty, it is a treat to our feet, especially during winter and monsoon.

The rugs are made of the wildest imagination of the artisans who elegantly crafted these pieces of beauty. Irrespective of size, material, shape, colour, technique, texture, and design; you will get immense opportunity to explore. Since their inception, rugs are telling the stories of different cultures, traditions, and even civilizations. From motifs to knitting; every aspect represents a different time and space. Let’s take a walk through the pavilion of history to know about the initiation and journey of rugs.

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