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Angela Jey is an online store in Hong Kong curating quality handmade rugs from Indian artisans. Our floor rugs and carpets are hand-made by skilful artisans in some traditional ways from villages in Northern India. Each aspect of the process from dyeing the cotton thread to drying, spinning, weaving, and cleaning is carefully and lovingly created by experienced artisans. A small change in consumption will make a big difference to the environment in the long term. Shop our artisan made exclusive designs rugs online or buy directly from the shop in Hong Kong.

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Angela Jey, Hong Kong has a classic collection of handmade rugs. Our range of rugs is the true reflection of intricate craftsmanship and extensive labor to bring out the lively designs on your floor. The ravishing colors and soft texture blend perfectly for the unique piece. The area rug collection of Angela Jey is completely unique. You can purchase rugs online to get them delivered to your doorstep. Browse through the rich rug segment to enrich your home and office décor. 

FAQ's for Rugs

What size rug should I get for the living room?

The correct size of the rug depends on the room size. To create the right look and feel of the living room, make sure it remains the centerpiece of the place. It is better to measure the room or available space to make sure that the rug will cover the space perfectly.

How do you size a rug?

To measure the required size of the rug; you have to do a little calculation. You have to make sure it is at least 8" wider on both sides. You have to spread the run in the length of the sofa. You also have to give some space in between the rug and the furniture nearby.

What is the difference between rug and carpet?

In the UK and USA; the word rug is used for the accessory that partially covers the floor. On the other hand, carpet is tacked down to the floor and spread wall to wall. Many times, the words rugs and carpet are used as synonyms.

What is the average cost of a rug?

Depending on the size, quality, and material the price of the rug differs. If you want to buy a quality rug, then the starting price will be $400 and that can be extended up to $1000.

Why are some rugs so cheap?

Handmade rugs are always expensive and beautiful to have. There are many varieties of rugs available which are cheap in price. The material and quality of those rugs are not good. The fabric is artificial and those are machine-made rugs. That’s why those are available so cheap in the market.