A charm bracelet is an item of jewelry that is worn around the wrist. The charm bracelet carries personal charms, which is decorated with dangling pendants of various colors and styles. The pendants normally carry meaning: symbols for recent travels or hobbies, a birthday age or timeless flowers and hearts, a child or grandchild’s name. Because of the endless individuality and inherent meaning, these charm bracelets can be a favorite for everyone from young girls to teens, and new moms to grandmothers. But keep in mind that the look of these charm bracelets is not for everyone, such as the sporting one does not match your style.

European or bead-style charm bracelet

Around the start of the new golden age, a new fashion in charm bracelets began in Europe and quickly moved to North America. The modular charm bracelet consists of a thin metal chain onto which any number of charm beads can be added. Instead of hanging from the chain, these charms are threaded like beads, and then they can hug the wrist for a polished appearance and less jangly sound.

These charm beads are made from materials like polymer clay, glass, precious metal, and wood. Like the traditional handing charms, these charms can also be sculpted to seem like anything from a heart to an animal. Well, the charm beads are exchangeable, so you can easily change the piece from day to day if desired.

There are some popular brands of European-style charm bracelets, which include Lovelinks, Pandora, and Trollbeads. Well, beads from any brand are exchangeable with the other brands.

Italian style charm bracelet

Well, the Italian-style charm bracelet is not the same as the European style charm bracelet, they both differ from traditional charm bracelets. Rather than linking hanging charms or threading charm beads on a chain, with these kinds of Italian style bracelet, the charms are the links themselves. This Italian style brand new bracelet has a series of blank, flat square links that bind together to form a bracelet. You can make your bracelet by replacing the blank links with charm links. These links are modular and they have a standard size, by doing that you can easily swap out charm links to match your mood.

Leather Charm Bracelet

You need to consider these ideas that give a casual command to the traditional charm bracelet:

  • You should opt for a European charm bracelet, but choose leather instead of the metal. You need to use the charm beads thread onto the bracelet in the same way, but a leather look will give your bracelet a stylish air.
  • If you want to shift away from traditional charms, then chose a leather cuff bracelet with a metal plate engraved with a special inspiration.
  • In addition, the leather charm bracelets are especially great for stacking, too!

The reason of charm handmade bracelets lasting through the ages is that they are meaningful and unique and encapsulate memories for all to see.

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