Angela Jey Ltd.

About Us


Angela Jey is an online artisan accessory brand from Hong Kong. We specialize in handmade pashmina from Kashmir, gem stone jewelries and bohemian fashion jewelries from Asia, all are ethically made in artisan workshops. The idea of the online boutique was born since we met many talented accessory designers and visited artisan workshops during travelling. We are the true believers in quality over quantity, our products are intricately handmade only in small workshops. Every piece is made by skillful artisan with heart and by hands, paid with great attention to details. The brand concept is to create quality, colorful, bohemian chic accessories to brighten up your wardrobe, at the same time we can help underprivileged children in education. From Rio Carnival to Jaipur Holi, Chelsea Flower Show to Faberge Museum, travelling has always been our source of inspirations. Reviving handicrafts, sustaining earth resources, empowering women and supporting underprivileged children is the motto of our business. Be bold with colors, free to explore and brave to be different!


We work only with small to medium size workshops, to be sure every piece is handmade with care. We spend months and years to search for the best independent artisans in different cities, understanding every artisan has his expertise, our products are made in various workshops. Due to handmade, our products are not produced in massive quantity.


Before every new product, we try and wear the sample for months to make sure the quality meets our standard. And we keep improving our quality by empowering the artisans.


We put the planet, people before profit. Our aim is to increase the recognition of the authenticity of genuine pashminas, and value of handmade accessories, however selling at a reasonable price.