Angela Jey Ltd.

About Us

Angela Jey is a love story of India. Experienced Indian culture in my childhood has planted a deep seed inside me, I have always in love with colours and handcrafted fashions ever since. It was like an epiphany, revisiting India in end 2014 truly awakened my senses; the culture, the people, and the vivid colours! I fell in love all over again and realized this was my destiny. The vibrancy of India and the perfect craftsmanship in all that the people of India undertake inspired me and led me to start my company Angela Jey. Thanks to the amazing team, who have made my dream come true, and walking along with me with such devotion. - Angela


We work only with small to medium size workshops, to be sure every piece is handmade with care. We spend months and years to search for the best independent artisans in different cities, understanding every artisan has his expertise, our products are made in various workshops. Due to handmade, our products are not produced in massive quantity.


Before every new product, we try and wear the sample for months to make sure the quality meets our standard. And we keep improving our quality by empowering the artisans.


We put the planet, people, before profit. Some customers might have doubts about our authenticity due to our price point. Our belief is to offer authentic, good quality pashminas, gemstone accessories at an affordable price. No fancy marketing campaign, no expensive advertisement and shop space, we keep our margin and cost low so customers can own a beautiful piece without paying a soaring price.