Pashmina – the gift that befitting all occasions

The perfect luxurious way to say thank you to a close one this year – gift the Pashmina and tug millions of heartstrings deep inside!

Create Cherished Memories

Birthdays, anniversaries and special days are such beautiful moments that they call for celebrations and gifting abound. Human beings love being gifted irrespective of their age and sex, especially when it comes from a special person the joys know no bounds and the heart skips a beat or two. What better way to add more excitement to the festivities and celebrations, than gift something attractive, hand-made and of the most excellent quality?

A perfect gifting option!

Pashmina items are trendy the world over as one of the most preferred gifting items because they are so close to nature and yet so handy and useful. Do you know why the Pashmina is just the right gift for your dear one?

Elegance and grace personified

Because its elegance and its style quotient are matchless – delicately intertwined and knotted by hand, where weavers spend considerable time in manual designing, weaving and then giving the final touches to the items, one by one. It is their time and patience that shows through the items – it goes way beyond the normal commercial relationship because for the weaver it is his craftsmanship that is at stake here. Each weaver is thoroughly involved in entwining, lacing and knotting the individual threads to get the desired results. Their dedication and the passion flow through the item and so apparent and obvious making them worth every penny. Their authentic enthusiasm and passion are what makes the items extra warm and cozy too.

Premium-quality wool

Pashmina is a type of wool that is considered very high-end and of premium quality. The unicity of the wool is that it is derived from cashmere goats and exclusively belongs to the Kashmir region of India. Bearing a rich tradition, handwoven Pashmina shawls have been known to be in use since the Indus Valley civilization and have also been known to be worn by royalty and elite classes from times unknown. Another distinctive feature of the Pashmina is the quality of the fiber that is used for hand weaving shawls, scarves, stoles, blankets, gloves, and wraps – the fibers are minutely fine and thin as compared to other generic fibers. It is precisely the reason behind the flimsy and lightweight quality of items woven from the Pashmina wool. It can be lightly thrown over the shoulders to beat light winters and a heavier one to combat harsh winters. Read more about Why is Cashmere Wool so Expensive?

Special occasions made all the more special

Whether it is a birthday of a special one or your upcoming marriage anniversary, giveaways to conference delegates or celebrations associated with festivals like Easter, Mother’s Day, Women’s Day, Chinese New Year Day; there could be no better gift than an attractive looking, soft to touch Pashmina shawl or scarf. It is special and unique because this is one item that would be one of the biggest surprises for the person receiving the gift.

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