Angela Jey Ltd.


A combination of craftsmanship and modernity ethically made bags, clutches and pouches are unique, with a timeless appeal. Exquisitely handmade in bespoke quality.

Hand Bags for Girls & Ladies

“A girl's fashion means nothing unless she has a fashionable bag”. So girls, if you designated to own voguish bags to boast your fashionista soul, Angela Jey's unique range of handbags and evening clutches can surely add a spark.

Angela Jey's handbags and evening clutches are handmade from the exquisite quality. Each piece is handcrafted with high-quality materials. Handbags and Clutches symbolize the wonderful fusion between the timeless luxury and style-oriented designs of the modern era. Also, a well-designed hand beaded and sequin clutch to your collection, ensure you a dazzling-evening-elegance.

Our versed artisans, apart from incorporating the modern embroidery designs also prefer to incorporate their own experience into the designs. As a result, the beautiful blend of collocation between the traditional and contemporary features can be seen in a lot of our products.

In order to bring you the uniquely styled bags, our artisans use the premium quality satin lining and other fabrics like Silk. Moreover, to add a more ethnic touch to the products, they add several forms of decorations like beads, pom poms, tassels etc. You can barely deny the beauty of each accessory since our artisans put their heart and soul to create the ethically designed products. And this is exactly what makes Angela Jey's bags so unique.

Our handmade clutch bags come handy for the events when you specifically need something exquisite to store your essentials, so cut off your burden and replace your larger bag with our daintier clutches or evening bags. Finished with the subtle embroidery, designed by the finest materials with utmost attention on the design aspects, our unique collection of handbags and clutches endow you something traditionalist and trendsetter at the same time.

The beaded clutch bags by Angela Jey come up with the sleek lines that ooze out the modernity while the embroidery evening clutch bag boasts the classic hex with its vintage-styled silhouette which is suitable for both daytime and evening occasions.

So, get rid of those usual boring bags and ignite your fashion senses with our ethnic designer hand-beaded clutch and handbag for your important occasions. Find our exclusive collection of foppish styles that feature delicate detailing, bold color combinations with some contemporaneous twists.

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