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Wrap yourself in our luxurious, colourful and elegant 100% pure cashmere pom pom Pashmina scarves collection. All pom pom pashminas are extremely soft and lightweight and can be used for all occasions.

Pom pom pashmina scarves

This luxurious, subtle and elegant 100% cashmere pom pom Pashmina is extremely soft and lightweight. Though it's already a special fabric the high-grade hand-looming gives the scarf its identifiable character.

Pashmina is the most voluptuous textile that is usually woven from the combed hairs of goat’s also known as Capra Hircus that are indigenous to the Changthang region in Ladakh. Though the name “Cashmere” has germinated due to its federation with the valley of Kashmir, India where it has been woven into sublime pieces of art for more than five centuries.

Since we're more focused on the quality of our products, we exclusively work with the supreme quality of natural fibers. Also, we love the genuineness because the production method of pashmina scarves is sustainable, their quality is unsurpassed, and their natural coating is one-of-a-kind.

The process of making a small pompom is a complex task and takes a lot of expertise to perform. It requires enormous patience practice and a dose of incommensurate talent to achieve the mastery and a selfless intention to save this valuable ethnical inheritance.

Though most of the weavers are traditionally men, at the current time, more and more women are getting into the profession and taking over their father's handed-down work. The profession of weaving pashmina scarves requires a lot of skills; hence the craftsman should have an understanding of detailed mathematics.