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Care Instructions


How to Care Your Pashmina?

Angela Jey pashminas are authentically made in Kashmir, the motherland of pashmina (Cashmere). Pashmina yarns are made from the undercoat of Chanthangi goat wool from Himalayan Plateaus, also known as "soft gold" since ancient times. Making one pashmina requires many procedures which can only be done by hand, due to its very fine fibre. It is the workmanship which has been perfected over centuries, the artisans who have been trained for generations only can create such exquisite quality.

Enjoy the sensation of the softness, warmth and the beauty of a genuine pashmina.

Care Advice for Pashmina

  • Store in a dry place
  • Keep pashmina shawl in the cotton bag
  • Professional dry clean
  • Avoid prolonged exposure in sunlight, heat and sharp object in wardrobe.
  • If ironing requires, use low temperature and iron with a piece of cotton on top

How to Care Your Artisan Jewellery?

Precious ornaments always need special care and attention in order to look at its best. Gold plated silver jewellery are soft metals that can oxydise overtime just like silverware. Semi-precious gemstones can be chipped and damaged by harmful chemicals and sharp objects. Keep away from perfume and moisture while using, store in a pouch or box after use. Oxydised pieces can be cleaned using silver polish cloth gently.

Care Advice for Jewellery

  • Store in its original packaging or in a soft cotton pouch bag
  • Keep it away from harmful chemicals direct sunlight and water
  • Remove jewellery before going into the water
  • Always wear jewellery after make up to protect it from chemicals
  • While cleaning we recommend using a soft cloth with gentle rubbing