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Angela Jey hand-embroidered cashmere pashmina shawls are soft, warm, and sumptuous yet 100% authentic and pure. In each and every embroidery cashmere pashmina scarves you can easily identify the work and dedication. Because of the hand weaving and hand embroidery process, two pieces of Embroidered Pashmina Scarf can never be duplicated.  Made by artisans in Kashmir.

Hand Embroidered Pashmina Shawls & Scarves

Pashmina, derived from the Himalayas is the oldest and finest Cashmere. It's an imperishable cashmere from the Changra Goats embossed by the ancient pastoral communities, later hand-crafted in Kashmir. It boasts a prodigious amount of warmth, softness, lightness, and fineness that no other wool can match.

Here we have a unique range of samples of perfectly reversible embroidered pashminas. For over the centuries, the region of Kashmir has been the peerless region in the world to master such an ingenious level of excellence: inherited from the imperial Mughal culture, more than just an apodictic art!  Every piece of design that we create is exclusively homespun, completely unique, and reinstates its glory to the conception of richness and comfort.

Owing to its supreme quality and noble design sensibilities, The Kashmiri embroidered pashmina shawls have been renowned since the primeval times. The pleasant valleys of the region (Kashmir) have produced uniquely designed masterpieces in the form of opulently embellished shawls that are globally renowned. However, it may sound a bit surprising to you that there is no such documentation of these shawls in the 18th century, especially in foreign trade.

In order to get these stunning embroidery designs, firstly the chosen pattern is printed on the Pashmina. And the rest of the process is carried out by the hands. Then after the artists employ the block-print technique where the pattern is sculpted in a wooden pad, that's later coated with the paint (a mixed solution of powder with water) and is affixed manually on the shawl. Later on, it goes through a washing process to remove any whiffs left on the pre-printed pattern.

Embroiderers in the valley employ various types of techniques such as Soznikar and Kanikar. The finest piece of local thread which is used to weave these shawls come from the mulberry trees that are grown in the Kashmir Valley. Each model of the Kashmiri embroidered pashmina shawl is unique by design. The designers use the color of embroidery yarn in cotton or silk to develop the luxury products, then the Pashmina is confided to the embroidery.

In order to create these finest pieces, designers carry out their embroidery at home working for several hours per day. Most of the products we work with are mainly in Srinagar or the numerous lesser-known villages around. The stunning skills of these magical artists result in the lavishing embroidered pashmina shawls.