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A beautiful collection of unisex pattern and Ikat pashmina stole for men and women cater to a variety of designs, colour shades and many of them are reversible pashmina. Wear a reversible pattern cashmere pashmina scarf with any outfit to inject a touch of bold individuality to your daytime or evening outgoings.

Unisex Pattern Pashmina Scarves

Pashmina is a fine type of wool from Kashmir. It's not like the other ordinary products that belong to today's world only, in fact, the pattern pashmina scarves have been worn by the nobility and the elites for over the centuries.

However, in today's world, finding a 100% authentic pashmina is quite a tedious task, as a lot of sellers have been promoting the clone of pashmina scarf, made from synthetic fibre under the same name.

But when it comes to the real pashmina, it's prices are always higher due to the amount of expert craftsmanship that goes to create each shawl, and of course the rarity and the exclusivity of the pashmina shawl.

Angela Jey's Pashmina shawls are made by the most selected hand-loom artisans of Kashmir who use their massive experience and skills to create the world's finest pieces. Our Pashmina shawls are the true representation of Kashmir's rich craftsmanship.

One can find the high-end options of cashmere pashmina shawls that are 100% hand-woven thus can uniquely be differentiated from the others. Our traditional range of premium Pashmina shawls has been locally weaved for more than centuries and an art, inheritance, and culture of the Kashmir region.

The refinement of Cashmere Pashmina is incomparable in uniqueness to other sorts of low-quality fibers. The premium collection of Angela Jey's cashmere pattern pashmina shawls, scarves, and stoles are just perfect for your special occasions like weddings, travel or to gift your special loved ones.